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JetSet Airlines is the premier aircraft services provider in Orange County. Over the years, the company has managed to garner a stellar reputation in the industry for its wide range of quality services, all of which meet the highest global standards for quality, excellence, and reliability.

Private Jet Charter Services and Rentals

JetSet Airlines’ excellent reputation in the industry is due in large part to its range of quality aircraft charter services. Boasting of the finest and most well-appointed private jet charters in Orange County, JetSet meets the highest standards for air travel, in both the business and leisure travel markets.

JetSet Airlines flies to more than 6,000 airports around the world, with flights leaving 24 hours a day, all year ’round. With such a wide range of destinations, JetSet is capable of accommodating all your air travel needs, whether it is for business or leisure. We also employ an experienced team of professionals who work to ensure that every stage of your trip is planned in perfect detail. We even have flight crews whose sole task is to ensure the total safety and comfort of your flight. When you go on one of JetSet Airlines’ jet charter services, you can leave all the details to our highly trained personnel, and simply sit back and enjoy your flight in comfort and luxury.

Flight Concierge

JetSet goes beyond the standard air charter services by providing you with your own Flight Concierge. Helping ensure total travel satisfaction, these professionals handle virtually every detail of your trip, from arranging limousine service and connecting flights to booking hotel accommodations and dinner reservations, and more. The Flight Concierge will even arrange catering and secure concert and theater tickets, further ensuring a totally smooth and hassle-free trip. JetSet Airlines is committed to providing you with a truly luxury travel experience, and our Flight Concierge service is essential to achieving that goal.

Aircraft Management Services

JetSet Airlines is way more than your typical air charter service, offering a number of other travel-related services. With more and more companies opting to maintain their own aircraft, our turn-key aircraft management solutions offer the perfect alternative to establishing an in-house flight department. We take care of managing your aircraft for you, with well-trained and highly experienced personnel who will ensure your utmost safety and convenience. With our team of flight specialists, you could have a dedicated flight crew, specifically for your aircraft, in addition to administrative support staff–and even maintenance personnel–all without having to set up your own flight department. From the simplest 2-seaters to the most advanced luxury private jets, we can handle them all with the same level of capability and professionalism as we would provide for our own aircraft. With the JetSet Airlines team, you can simply enjoy your flight and leave all the technical details to us.


Our services can be invaluable for those looking to purchase an aircraft as well. With a team of dedicated flight specialists and aircraft experts with long years of experience, JetSet Airlines can help you through every stage of the aircraft acquisition process, ensuring that you get the best possible value for your money. We can provide you with accurate and impartial assessment of the aircraft you are planning on buying, and even offer better alternatives if you wish. We also look into all the paperwork for the aircraft in question, including maintenance records and logbooks. This ensures a totally rewarding purchase with minimal hassle.

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