About Jetset Airlines

JetSet Airlines is the premier aircraft services provider in Orange County. Delivering a wide range of private jet charter services, the company was founded with the goal of providing true value and quality in a safe and reliable flying experience. This commitment continues to inform JetSet Airlines’ every action and every policy to this day, and is a large part of the company’s success.

Over the years, JetSet has remained steadfast in its commitment to providing the highest quality of services possible in the private jet rental industry. The company constantly works to ensure full compliance with global flight standards, with procedures and flight systems subjected to periodic evaluation. For passengers and clients of JetSet, this ensures total safety and reliability with every flight.

JetSet Airlines employs an in-house Safety Management Team comprised of aircraft specialists with extensive training and experience in safety and reliability engineering, airworthiness and aircraft certification, as well as risk assessment and investigation. JetSet also implements a comprehensive Safety Management System (SMS), which assesses risk factors and eliminates potential flight hazards long before a flight is scheduled to take off.

JetSet’s compliance with global air safety and reliability standards is such that they actually exceed FAA and manufacturer requirements. This is the case with the company’s flight crew training and evaluation programs as well. Comprising skill and competency evaluation, training in specialized subjects, periodically updated supplementary training, and management supervision, JetSet’s training programs set a high standard throughout the industry.

As far as services go, JetSet dominates the Orange County market with the most comprehensive range of services in the private jet rental industry. The company offers everything from aircraft charter to flight concierge services, aircraft management and private jet rental services, and more. JetSet Airlines even offers aircraft acquisition services that will help you through every step of the process of acquiring your own aircraft.

As one of the foremost private jet charter firms in Orange County, JetSet Airlines charters an impressive line of quality aircraft, many of which are legendary in their own rights. One of these is the Learjet 35, which has own acclaim the world over for its power, range, and performance. With a seating capacity of 8 and a generous 40 cubic feet of baggage space, the Learjet is one of JetSet’s most popular aircraft options business and leisure travel options.

Through it all, JetSet maintains its focus on providing true value and quality in the industry in which it serves. Quality and cost-effectiveness rarely goes in hand–particularly in the private jet rental industry–but JetSet consistently manages to provide the market with a combination of competitive rates, superb value, and world-class service. For the widest range of private jet charter and related services in Orange County, trust only in JetSet Airlines.